3rd Regional Workshop for Anglophone Africa

Topic Outline

The 3rd regional workshop on Safe Use of Wastewater in Agriculture took place on September 26-28, 2012, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Following up on the impetus and the priorities identified at the international kick-off workshop in Bonn in November 2011, the 3rd regional workshop for Anglophone Africa was held in South Africa. UNEP took the lead in organizing this 3rd regional workshop. It was part of the multi-year project together with FAO, WHO, UNEP, UNU-INWEH and UNW-DPC, in collaboration with ICID and IWMI, on the “Safe Use of Wastewater in Agriculture.” The project concluded with an international wrap-up event in June 2013 in Tehran, Iran.

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Participating Countries:
Botswana, Burundi, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, Somalia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe

Javier Mateo-Sagasta (FAO) 
Kate Medlicott (WHO)
Birguy Lamizana (UNEP) 
Manzoor Qadir (UNU-INWEH) 
Jens Liebe (UNW-DPC)
Pay Drechsel (IWMI) 


1. Background Materials

The aim of the questionnaire is to help in the identification and prioritization of the knowledge and skills that individuals working in various organizations may need on this subject. The questionnaire is addressed to key institutions and organizations in countries, with competences or activities on the safe use of wastewater in agriculture.

Workshop Agenda (Draft)

2. National Reports

Ethiopia National Report
Ghana Questionnaire Results National Report Paper on Wastewater
Kenya Presentation
Lesotho National Report
Malawi National Report
Mauritius National Report
Namibia National Report
Swaziland National Report
Uganda National Report Presentation
Tanzania National Report

Questionnaire Results National Report

Paper on Wastewater Annex B

3. eLectures

4. Presentations

Day I

Session 2: Setting the Scene

Recap of the International Kick-off Workshop, First and Second Regional Workshops, and Scope of 3rd Regional Workshop, (Jens Liebe, UNW-DPC)

Importance of wastewater and greywater treatment and non-treatment options for use in agriculture, (Mateo-Sagasta, FAO)

Session 3: Country Specific Reports on the Status of Wastewater Use and Capacity Needs

Session 3a:

Case study: Wastewater reuse in Gaborone, Botswana (Hilary Masundire, – Manzoor Qadir, UNU-INWEH)

South Africa, Namibia, Malawi, Mozambique, Lesotho, Ghana

Session 3b:

Case study: Wastewater reuse in Agriculture; a case study of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (Fungai. S Makoni)

Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda, Zimbabwe

Session 3c:

Burundi, Liberia, Mauritius, Seychelles, Swaziland

Day II

Session 4: Policy, Economics and Strategic Issues

Economic challenges of wastewater treatment and use in agriculture (Javier Mateo-Sagasta, FAO, and Pay Drechsel, IWMI)

Institutional arrangements and collaboration at the national and regional levels (Manzoor Qadir, UNU-INWEH)

Presentations of working group results and discussion

1. Monitoring and assessment systems for water quality and wastewater (Kate Medlicott, WHO)

2. Economic aspects and feasibility of wastewater treatment and reuse (Javier Mateo-Sagasta, FAO)

3. Institutional collaboration in different countries (Manzoor Qadir, UNU-INWEH)

Field visit: East Rand Water Care Company


Session 5: Health Risks, Environmental Effects, and Socio-cultural Acceptance

WHO Guidelines Safe Use of Wastewater Greywater and Excreta (Kate Medlicott, WHO)

Health risk mitigation in the African context (Pay Drechsel, IWMI)

Environmental effects of wastewater use in agriculture (Birguy Lamizana, UNEP)

Presentations of working group results and discussion

1.WHO Guidelines (Medlicott, WHO)

2.Appropriate treatment technology and environmental effects of wastewater use in agriculture (Birguy Lamizana, UNEP)

3.Social and cultural aspects of safe wastewater use in agriculture (Pay Drechsel, IWMI)

Session 6: Presentations of Working Group Results and Discussion

Capacity needs and national strategies (Jens Liebe, UNW-DPC)

Presentations of working group results and discussion

1. Capacity building requirements for safe use of wastewater (Javier Mateo-Sagasta, FAO)

2. National dissemination strategies for safe use of wastewater (Jens Liebe, UNW-DPC)

Session 7: Wrap-up and Concluding Session

Expectation from the countries from the project workshops and beyond (Jens Liebe, UNW-DPC)

Synthesis and concluding remarks (Birguy Lamizana, UNEP)

5. Reference Material


6. Photogallery

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