Farm Water Management

In spate irrigation systems, field water management is most importantly about:

  • Dividing and distributing the flows in manageable proportions
  • Preventing spate water from rapidly disappearing in low-lying area; spreading on the water and improving soil moisture retention
  • Ensuring large enough water volumes to reach the downstream areas

Lecture 1:
Soil Water Conservation and Field Water Management

Dr. Abraham Mehari

Soil Moisture Conservation is important to all agricultural systems. It is, however, especially important in areas characterized by low rainfall and high evaporation rates, where crops irrigated by spate flows are grown during dry spells using the residual spate moisture.

Lecture 2:
Optimization of Farm Water Management in Spate Irrigation Systems

Dr. Janeiro Avelino

This presentation explores, among many issues, the importance of economic valuation of the different proposed on-farm water management systems.

Lecture 3:
Spate Water Rights and Distribution Rules

Dr. Kareem Nawaz

Poor predictability of flows is inherent to spate irrigation, yet water distribution rules regulate the distribution of the poor predictable water supplies. They impose a pattern and reduce uncertainty and potential conflict by regulating the relations between the landowners that have access to flood water.

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