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    Payment for ecosystems services

    Payment for ecosystems services (PES) has been recognized as an important means of building greener economies, conserving environmental flows, and addressing the water/energy and food nexus. If we are to sustain a blue planet we must build PES programs into integrated water resources management plans and make sure they can be implemented and scaled up across large watersheds.

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    Training and Workshops

    The 6th World Water Forum side event An Alternative for Bogota’s Water: The Chingaza– Sumapaz Corridor, Fabio Arjona Executive Director of Conservation International Colombia, opened with an emphasis of the roles partner participation and understanding the broader context of water in Latin America.  This included a review of the outcomes of the 7th Inter-American Dialogue on Water by Director of Corantioquia and President of the D7, Luis Alfonso Escobar. 

    The second presenter was Diego Brava from the Acueducto of Bogota, the public water and sewer company.  He outlined the company’s commitment to the environment, the importance of Chingaza for the provision of water resources, and how important the protection of this natural system is for their business and the 8.4 million habitants of Bogota. The final part was a screening of a video case study of the Chingaza watershed in Colombia.  This example illustrates the need and multiple benefits and services that PES programs can help provide. These include drinking water, fisheries yields and hydropower production. 

    Click here to watch the video

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