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    Good Practices in E-learning in Water Sector Capacity Development


    Session: Thursday, May 30th, 16:30

    Convener: UNW-DPC

    Participating Organisations: UNU-INWEH, UNU-EHS, UNESCO-IHE, Water Integrity Network, UNW-DPC

    The water sector is knowledge intensive. Improving the means for spreading knowledge in order to effectively reach a wider audience is important if people are to face various water-related challenges,including new challenges such as climate change and green growth.

    For international organizations and UN institutions engaged in capacity development, e-learning represents an opportunity to reach a large number of widespread learners. E-learning is becoming more and more globally accessible, alongside the proliferation of communication technologies.

    This session aims to share good practices in e-learning in water sector capacity development, especially as already used and displayed by members and partners engaged in the UN-Water mechanism. Good practice usually combines interactive learning content and possibilities of experience sharing between learners in virtual learning environments or complementary face-to-face events.

    The session's agenda is available here.

    Background Document

    This newsletter, the 15th in UNW-DPC’s regular series, provides an overview of the e-learning and capacity development activities of UNW-DPC and other UN-Water members and partners. Its topic include the following, among others:

    •  Introduction to E-learning
    •  UN-Water Members and Partners on E-learning
    •  UN-Water E-learning Initiatives
    •  E-learning course on Urban Water Governance and Management in the Asia-Pacific Region

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    Effective Water Education Through Global and Integrated Knowledge Networks

    Thematic session jointly organized by:

    UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education
    UN-Water Decade Programme on Capacity Development (UNW-DPC)

    13.03.12, Marseille, 6th World Water Forum (Theme: Time for solutions)

    Well trained water professionals are crucial for sustainable development. The need for an even stronger knowledge base and well trained human capacity in all field related to water supply and sanitation is tremendous in particular in the developing world and it is growing exponentially. Therefore, appropriate and effective responses need to be developed to meet the global/local demand of the water sector. The goal of this session is to foster the development of a globally validated comprehensive profile for water education along with the establishment of a global and integrated tertiary water education network. In particular, the session will discuss comprehensive competency profiles for tertiary water education programmes including continuous professional development programmes and show-case established or to-be-established regional and global water knowledge networks. It will identify challenges and ways to overcome these (lessons learnt) in areas of higher learning endeavors in fields of water and environment which leads to recommendations for implementing higher water education within a global and integrated water education network.

    Click here for more information

    Solutions listed in this session are available here.


    UNESCO-IHE Vision 2020- Developing a Global Campus for Water Education and Research
    Prof. Stefan Uhlenbrook
    Approaches to enhance water technology competence with focus on water efficiency
    Prof. Karl-Ulrich Rudolph 
    Mapping HR gaps and shortages
    Kirsten de Vette
    UN Univesity approach to knowledge integration in global water education
    Dr. Srikantha Herath

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    Water information systems

    Special Session at the Second Arab Water Forum on "Challenges in the MENA Region and Contribution of Information Systems"

    Cairo, Egypt, November 20-23, 2011

    Click here for more information


    Challenges in the MENA Region and contribution of information systems
    Dr. Hani Sewilam, UNW-DPC
    Experience managing a knowledge network supported by information systems
    Nick Tandi, Cap-Net (UNDP) 
    Improving the flow of water information
    Enhancing the use of Science in International Waters projects to improve project results
    Walid Saleh, UNU-INWEH


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